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Hi, it feels good to have people like you visit our website, as you spend time to look around our website – thank you, we truly appreciate your inquisitiveness. Let us formally introduce ourself – we are ONGOING, a Web Designing Company dedicated to provide quality Online Solutions for the best price possible. We provide Website Designing & Development Services along with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), SMO ( Social Media Optimization ), SMM ( Social Media Marketing ), Online Marketing & Branding Solutions, Online Selling ( Ecommerce ), Graphic Designing, Content Writing and a host of other services dealing with Online Solutions so that you can get the best possible results and connect with the maximum number of Clients / Customers. With a strong team of dedicated employees working at their best we feel secure to tackle projects which challenge the regular norms of the online world. The launch year truly has been a bliss, as ONGOING opened it’s doors to our first customer on January 2015, since then we have been fortunate enough to receive a consistent flow of Clients to provide our services. Fueled with this excitement and anticipation we now pace forward to expand our services worldwide starting with United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. We hope to live up to the expectations of our Clients and provide the best possible solutions for their needs.

But why choose us ?

We strive to live up to our name by providing Online Solutions to keep an ongoing flow of monetary transactions for our Clients. To lead us from the front we have with us a dedicated team of skilled Designers and Developers who take care of our Online Projects and a 24 / 7 hard working team of representatives which literally are the backbone of our company as they are the ones responsible for handling our Clients. We are new and we are young, we don’t like to put out fake words of advertisement that we have done n number of websites and we are the best in the country, state or what ever, but what we have is our diligence, we know our limits and we know that it takes time for a sapling to form a tree. So we put out a small step forward to set ourselves apart from others,

book a Website for ₹2,000

and pay the rest when we provide you the final working demo website

* Working Demo Website is your final website, but connected to our dummy domain, once you make the final due payment we connect the website to your own domain. We will be creating your website on our dummy domain and we will share the domain link with you so that you can see the work process, you can ask for changes while we create your website or after we finish your dummy website. You need to pay only when you are satisfied. and pay the rest when we provide you the final working demo website.

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